The History

About Us

My husband and I bought our first house in Little Rock, AR, where we moved from Birmingham, AL.  We are both from Chattanooga, TN, and in late 2013 my job (as a pharmacist) took us back to Chattanooga. 
We're southern nomads, I guess. 

While in Birmingham, we had a side business called The Amber Bottle (a little nod to my profession).  We restored antiques and sold them at our little booth in an upscale antique shop. 

I like to think I have vision, and Grant brings the know-how (I'm convinced he can fix anything...In fact, he has proven he can).

We have two adorable rescue dogs: Cookie (the little dog) & Callie (the big dog). We love them. Maybe too much.

Our style is comfortable with a traditional, southern feel.

About the Blog

We (well, more like I) decided to start a page about our home so our out-of-town families and friends could see the progress we were making on the Little Rock house.  

I realized through our DIY and furniture restoration experience, we might be able to share some ideas, tips, and know-how.  And maybe pick up a few things along the way.

The Little Rock house ended up looking a little something like this after we were finished with it...

We used profit from the sale of the Little Rock house to purchase a forever-home when we moved back to Chattanooga...

There has been a lot of work to be make this house beautiful again, but we have enjoyed it... for the most part.  We plan to sell it when it's beautified and show some love to another house.  Another Amber Bottle House.

About the Business

Aside from the blog, we run a namesake booth in an antique shop here in Chattanooga at Greenbriar Antique Merchants.  Grant recently left his corporate job to work for Amber Bottle House full time- finishing our current house and  working towards a real estate license.  In the future we hope to marry my love for design/restoration with Grant's construction and real estate know-how to help clients find and renovate homes.

Happy reading!


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