Sunday, August 9, 2015

World's Longest Yard Sale & Booth Update

If you live within an hour of highway 127, you are probably familiar with the World's Longest Yard Sale, which runs from Michigan to northeast Alabama.  Chattanooga sits nearby, so we definitely had to check it out.  (Surprisingly, even though we are both native Chattanoogans, neither of us has ever ventured to the sale.)

We intended to drive up to Crossville, Tennessee, but we got distracted by all the sales going on in Dunlap, which is only about 45 minutes from us.  It is also situated in some of the most beautiful land in America, although I am probably biased.

God's country
There were tents filled with items side-by-side as far as we could see.

There were even vendors selling barbecue and fried pies. Um, yes, please!

There were some definite yard-sale-pros out there shopping, but after about 4 hours split between Dunlap and Pikeville (we never even made it to Crossville), we were spent.  

We also found that in larger sales, the sellers were actually antique vendors, so the prices were almost full retail price.  As flippers, we need there to be room for plenty of profit.

We came home with an antique dresser/buffet with original hardware...

(The drawer is sitting on top.  Even we wouldn't buy a dresser without all the drawers.)

I was drawn to it because of its relative good shape (excluding the scratch), and it reminded me of another favorite piece of mine...

Also, once completed, we can sell it for roughly 2.5-3 times what we paid for it.

We also came home with a vintage ironstone gravy boat ($0.25!!), an old rolling pin, and a wrought iron piece that I am envisioning being used as as a tall candelabra. (It's roughly 4 feet tall.)

We really enjoyed being able to find so many things in one day!


Meanwhile, in our booth at Greenbriar Antiques, we've sold some larger pieces, so we needed to replenish our inventory.

We brought in a huge secretary with glass doors.  It's from Pennsylvania, so it's a little different that pieces we normally find around here.  I used Restor-a-Finish to clean up the wood and make it shine again.  We filled it with milk glasses (even some cute, tiny ones), jam jars, half-gallon mason jars, and ironstone we practically stole from a yard sale last weekend.

As I might have mentioned before, we have to work around an interior door, an emergency exit door, and a fire extinguisher in our booth, so merchandising is getting really tricky; I feel like the only way to display things is to have them cling to the perimeter.

(See? Lots of wires, and um, "challenges" to work around.)

I still think its presentation is a work in progress to suit our brand.

We have added lots of new merchandise, so we hope you can check it out soon if you are ever in Chattanooga!

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