Monday, August 3, 2015

South Carolina

We spent the last week away from our construction zone of a house (thus, no blogging).

We stayed in North Myrtle Beach...

We were only a couple of hours from Charleston (one of my favorite places), so we made a day trip.

After brunch at Eli's Table...

...we walked around downtown, shopped, and enjoyed looking at old buildings.  

On the way back to North Myrtle, we stopped in Georgetown, which is an sleepy, little town about an hour north of Charleston.  There are old houses galore with similar architecture to those in Charleston, and there is a pretty little harbor where we ate dinner...

This is also the place where Grant made getting a good picture tricky.

He's a goober, but he's my goober :).

We had such a fun time in South Carolina, so it was hard to leave!


Saturday we managed to pick up some antique mason jars, milk bottles, and ironstone as well as a huge oak secretary.  We will post pics when everything is all cleaned up and purdy.  Also, the experimental headboard is painted and sealed- I just need it to dry to take some pictures for part 2!

Happy Monday!


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