Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Nursery Inspiration: So Far

If you missed our little announcement last week...

... a little one will be joining us soon.

Naturally, we do not have any names picked out, we don't have any baby items, but we do have a few nursery items.  

We may or may not be living in this house in six months, so we haven't picked out or purchased large items- just a very few little things...mostly compact things that can be packed in boxes easily.

Regardless of gender (which we will know in 2.5 weeks), I would like to create a tone-on-tone, monochromatic, neutral nursery: creams, whites, grays.  We both find the color scheme relaxing, and let's be honest, baby will not have any opinions early on, so I figure initially the nursery can be a place we enjoy.

I first fell in love with this idea for the nursery when I was making up our own bed one day...

Neutral, linen-toned bedrooms are calming to me- boring to others, but nice for me. 

I came across a few pins that gave me ideas...

The key to avoid a boring feel will be using many, many textures.

I loooooove the box-pleated skirt!
The only large piece we already have is an antique red rocking chair my mom bought for my birthday... I started looking for inspiration that had a touch of red.

Once we decide where we will be living, we will move Grant's crib in, which is a medium-wood-toned Jenny Lind crib, and one of our dressers to act as a changing table...

And, voila! Insta-nursery.  I am looking forward to actually putting the room together, and we'll keep you posted as we go!

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  1. wow, great design! it's amazing. I hope I can decorate my condo in BGC with this kind of design.