Sunday, July 19, 2015

Headboard & New Milk Paint: Part One

A few months ago, Grant and I found a bed at an estate sale.  We do not buy many beds because we find we do better with storage pieces (dressers, buffets, sideboards, etc.), but this one had some pretty details we could pass up (and the price was fantastic)...

We dug it out of the garage this week for me to start refinishing.  The wood is in rough shape;  this is one piece that is going to have to be painted.  There are scratches all over, and parts of the veneer are completely missing.

I filled in what I could with wood filler and putty knife,  and Grant gave the whole piece a thorough sanding.

As far as the paint itself goes, I have decided to switch to milk paint completely on furniture for the foreseeable future.  (Previously, I would use some manufactured chalk paint, some chalk paint I mixed myself using plaster of Paris and latex paint, some plain latex paint, as well as some milk paint.)

Milk paint is great because it is no VOC and all-natural (which does not always mean safe, but in this case, it does).  It is purchased as a powder that is mixed in a one-to-one ratio with water.  I was previously using this awesome milk paint, but it was getting pricey for the amount I was using it.  (That's when I started mixing my own chalk paint.)  I found another brand at Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta and have decided to let the headboard be my experimental piece with this new brand.

It was around $18 for 12 ounces of milk paint, which will make roughly one quart of paint.  That is ample, gracious, plenty of paint for several pieces of furniture.

Thus starts the new way of painting at ABH! I'll let you know how the experimental headboard goes!

Happy Sunday!

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