Tuesday, June 23, 2015

French Chairs

Whenever I am in a different part of town, I try to hit antique or junk stores I might not otherwise get to look through.

One Saturday after a bridal shower on the other side of the river (because we Chattanoogans can refer to any place by saying which side of the Tennessee river it's on), I drove by a store I had never even heard of: Pieces

Most of the merchandise is already re-done, so it wasn't somewhere I expected to go pickin', but a petite cane-seat chair caught my eye.   I sat in it; I was surprised at how sturdy it seemed.  The owner pointed me to its twin on the other side of the store.

Wait- what? There are TWO?!? 

He also told me that these were shipped from France and were made around 1860.  I negotiated a bit (I feel like I practically stole them) and then took them home with me.

They are both in great condition.

We are using them in our kitchen as captains chairs with our 1880's table (a Craigslist find).

I love that the carving marks are visible on the the back of chairs.  Someone a very long time ago with no power tools shaped the designs by hand.

Happy Tuesday!

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