Thursday, June 18, 2015

Experimental Dresser

Whilst estate sale-ing one Saturday (which is a monumental act of love from Grant), we saw a dark dresser tucked away in a bathroom of the house.  I, too, wondered why there was a dresser in front of a tub in a home, but to each his own.  The condition was really pretty decent compared to what we see a lot of the time, so I figured it wasn't anything I couldn't remedy with a palm sander and Strypeeze.  

I sanded and stripped and sanded some more.  Turns out the wood is some type that is very porous and prone to lifting, so I was having trouble. I had wanted to stain the top and the drawer fronts, but with the wood grain lifting the way it was, the finish was too uneven in tone. 

Hmmm. What to do, what to do.

I had read about white wax on some blogs I follow, and I thought it might be a nice option: more opaque than stain to create a more even finish, but not as opaque as paint.  So sure, why not? 

It went on really smoothly with a wax brush in a circular, buffing type motion.  Once I had applied it to an entire surface (the entire top, an entire drawer front, etc.), I buffed it with a clean, dry cloth.  

I realize the imperfections in the wood showing through may not be to everyone's liking, but I must admit that I am a fan.  The finish is so smooth, and it has the look of a well-worn, sun-bleached French antique.

I painted the body with a rich blue, then waxed over the paint to seal it using the same process.


(please ignore the current state of our living room)

This beauty is going straight to our booth at Greenbriar Antiques, but it might rotate its way back through our house, if it doesn't sell immediately. :)

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