Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bedside Tables

Ever since our king bed was delivered, I've been on the hunt for two bedside tables and a bed frame.  Well, bedside tables: check.

I wanted coordinating, but not necessarily matching pieces: similar shades of wood (dark wood without red tones), similar heights (we prefer taller tables), large scale (the wall is very long and currently pretty empty), and similar styles (simple, early American, or French-style...not Victorian).

The stars must have aligned last week because I found not one but two pieces that fit the bill!  And at the same place!  I walked back and forth between the two dressers at Crazy Daisy making sure they were about the same height and similar enough... but not too matchy.

The first one is simpler, but the wood is pretty amazing.

I seriously love the wood knobs and key holes on the drawers.

This one was on sale for about $210.

The other dresser is an empire-style sidboard/dresser (please ignore the cell phone charger cords)...

I'm not entirely sure that the knobs are original, but everything else about it is perfect.

I love that you can see the wear of the keyholes.  This piece has been well-loved.

This one was just $145 (!!!).

Both pieces are dark wood, antiques, and have two side-by-side drawers on top with two larger drawers below.  They are within an inch of being the same height.  With the room being long and skinny and with the scale of a king bed, the unconventionally large sizes work nicely.

The master bedroom is coming together... again. (As if we're ever really & truly finished with any room.)

Happy Tuesday!

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