Sunday, September 14, 2014

More Kitchen Progress

The kitchen rehab is taking forever... or so it seems. (Maybe because after working 10 hours, I'm not much in the mood to paint for hours on end.)  And any flat surface in our house looks like this...

Priming and painting the doors is a time-consuming process: every door gets sanded with a palm sander, all the knots get filled and sanded, both sides are primed, then painstakingly painted to ensure there are no brush/roller marks or particles stuck in the finish.

Painting and priming the boxes themselves is pretty quick and easy.
(Please ignore the backsplash... or lack thereof.)

Maybe you noticed our new range hood? Definitely a visual improvement over the previous almond-colored one.

Now, the appliances match. Woohoo!

Once Grant put the hood in place, I started contemplating the utility of the cabinet directly above it.  I can't reach anything inside, so I'm thinking of priming and painting the inside and back (on all the others, I'm only painting the face) and using it to display pretty cookbooks, dishes, etc.


Happy Sunday! And thanks to everyone who lifted us up in prayer on Thursday morning.

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