Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mid-Week Surprise

Grant likes to be spontaneous in some ways. 

We've been talking about getting a new mattress for a while now because ours is a cheap, 5-year-old model, and we're both waking up sore in the morning.

When I came home Wednesday, Grant told me he had ordered a new mattress... but not a queen- a king.  Sweet! More roooooom.  Oh, wait: all of our current bedroom stuff is based around our queen bed- the headboard, the sheets, the coverlet, the shams, the throw.  And the bed is part of a set, which we have fallen out of love with, but at least we have nightstands and a dresser.

So we're starting from scratch with the bedroom.  

We'll move the bed into a guest bedroom and look for either a four-poster, brass bed, or a stand-alone headboard. (Antique king beds do not exist, so we'll have to find a reproduction piece.)  We'll sell the two nightstands and matching dresser in favor of two larger antique pieces to be bedside tables. (We don't necessarily need the storage of the dresser, and the room is so narrow that it's just in the way.)

We love the look of our bright-white matelasse coverlet, so we'll try to find something similar.  

So far, all the options are ridiculously expensive, and who knew there was such a thing as king-size shams?  $40 for a sham? Really?

We'll keep you updated as we hunt for deals and peruse Craigslist.  Meanwhile, we'll enjoy sleeping on a new, squishy mattress in a mismatched master.

Happy Saturday, and go Vols!


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