Saturday, August 30, 2014

Back to Where It All Began

Grant and I took a little trip for our long weekend- we both got a 4-day-weekend for Labor Day. (!!!)  He planned an overnight adventure to the Alabama side of Lookout Mountain, which is just about 1.25 hours away.  It may seem like a random place, but something very important happened near Mentone, Alabama: Grant proposed there!

We headed out on Friday and took the scenic route through Lookout Mountain, Tennessee (mostly so I could see the beautiful houses up there).  We wound our way to a bed and breakfast just outside of Collinsville, Alabama.  When we arrived at The Secret Bed & Breakfast, we were blown away by the amazing views...

After dinner at J. Spencer's in Mentone, we explored the bluffs around the B&B...

In the morning, we drove down to Collinsville, where I had heard about a magical weekly event called Trade Day.  It is essentially a huge flea market (acres!) right next to the local high school and is held every Saturday.

There was anything you can imagine: antiques, farm junk, livestock (there were baby pigs- so cute!), handmade furniture, carnival-type food, and the obligatory booths of cellphone accessories and t-shirts.

Definitely worth a return trip with more cash.

After plenty of time in the heat we drove to Little River Canyon to find the spot where Grant proposed just over 6 years ago...

(Look how young and naive we are!)

And today...

My sweet hubs even got down on one knee again :).

Yeah, we'd do it all again.

The trip was a welcome getaway and sweet walk through some precious memories.
Happy Saturday!

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