Saturday, July 5, 2014

Kitchen Progress

The kitchen is... coming along.

We've purchased our sink, faucet, and granite. (I was determined to get soapstone, but it's not as durable as granite.  The slab we chose is dark charcoal-gray in a leathered finish, so it won't chip or require the sealing that soapstone does.  It was also half the cost.)

Grant has built a couple of the doors... I figured it was time to figure out what kind of paint and primer would be needed.  After a lot of googling, I decided to go with Benjamin Moore Advance primer and paint in white.  

Oil-based seemed like the way to go for durability, but it is very difficult to work with.  This line of paint seemed to be a nice hybrid: it is oil-based (a.k.a. "alkyd"), but it can be cleaned up with soap and water (usually only latex, which is water-based, can be cleaned up with water).  

I'm trying everything on one sample/scrap door to see how the products work (so far, it's only primed)...

We'll have to see how the paint does with regards to brush strokes (oil-based paints are often bad about leaving brush strokes in the finished surface), but I'm pleased with how level the primer's finish is.  If the paint dries with lots of brush strokes, I'll add Penetrol to the paint to make the finish more level.

With the new color scheme (gray/black counters, white cabinets, and Carrera marble backsplash), the taupe of the walls just didn't seem like it would fit... I did the only spontaneous thing I ever do: paint.  I had some leftover Benjamin Moore "Wedding Veil," so I slapped some of it up on the wall.  And I really liked it.  I've used this color before (in my office and in the living room), but I wasn't sure it would look blue enough in the kitchen because the room gets so much light.

One-and-a-half gallons later, the kitchen was painted.

I think the blue-gray undertone will work nicely with the cooler, future color palette.  It also complements the blue in the dining room (Benjamin Moore "Glass Slipper)...

I'm happy with the brighter feel the paint gives the room.

This week, the sink and faucet will be delivered, the countertops are being templated, and we'll keep working on the doors.  Busy week!

I'll post pictures as it comes together!  

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