Sunday, July 13, 2014

Kitchen in the Meantime

Our kitchen has been turned upside-down...

...and it will stay that way for a few more weeks.  The countertop templaters required that the sink and faucet be in place to measure around, so we had to install these beautiful fixtures into our outgoing counters.

The apron-front sink is an undermount model (not a drop-in like our previous sink), so Grant had to fashion a bracing system to install it...

(Sidenote: I love this faucet. Maybe too much. Once the counters are installed, it will obviously not be mounted on a 2x4.)

He also had to modify the cabinets to accommodate the apron-front...

There were two false-front drawers here before.
He used the wood he had removed to trim in around the sides of the sink.  I'm amazed at the woodworking Grant did- it looks like this sink has always been here.

The rug we had here was showing quite a bit of wear, so my mom and I hunted for a kitchen-friendly rug. (I didn't want a fluffy, cut-pile rug- too difficult to get crumbs out of.)
We stumbled upon a 3'x5' boucle sisal rug for $30 at Garden Ridge.

So here is our kitchen right now:

Next, we'll remove all the cabinet doors to prep and paint the cabinet boxes.  The new countertops will be here in two weeks.  
In the meantime, we at least have a functional kitchen with running water.

Happy Sunday!

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