Saturday, July 26, 2014

Just Some Old Books

On Friday, my mom and I went antiquing at the Knitting Mill, and before we had gone through a handful of booths, I found some treasures.

There were just a few books stashed in a planter (weird, I know) along a wall, and the title of one caught my eye...

The National Formulary still exists, so I am familiar with it to an extent, but in 1950, pharmacy was very different.  I flipped through the pages and was captivated.  There are so many compounding formulas (which, as a compounding pharmacist, I love!) in the first section; some of the components are at least related to drugs we use today...

As in capsaicin
Related to phenobarbital & pentobarbital
An oldie but goodie- commonly used for poison ivy
Ever heard of Senokot?
(I love the places it talks about "packaging and storage.")

Many antipsychotics are chemically related to phenothiazine

Still in many cough syrups
...and some are not-so-much used anymore...

Who thought this was a good idea?
There are also bacteria-staining methods...

...and diagrams that remind me of organic chemistry lab (I could live without a reminder of that season of life)...

There is a name in the front cover...

...and because I'm nosey, I googled it.  He was a compounding pharmacist who owned a couple different pharmacies in the Chattanooga area, and I'm guessing he was about my age when this book was published.

This may be one of my favorite finds. Ever.

The next book in the planter... an alphabetical list and explanation of everything in the human body (still in publication today).

There are some pretty amazing illustrations...

(I gave this book to my sister-in-law, who is starting medical school in a few weeks.)

The last book...

...made me miss studying French.

Maybe I'll brush up on weird verb tenses.
Or maybe not.

I can't believe these were hiding in a planter! They will be perfect for the built-ins in the den.

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

On the Way Out the Door

We don't have a mudroom, so you come straight into the kitchen from the garage.  It's where we land on the way in and where we grab keys, etc. on the way out.

After painting the kitchen, I was re-arranging decor (as usual) when I thought it would be nice to have a little encouragement to see as we leave the house.

Enter: framed piece from Blue Ridge...

I love having that reminder right before I leave for work.

I also added a little dish for keys and glasses...

Much better.

Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rearranging the Built-Ins

Any surface in our house is in a constant state of flux, so I'm frequently arranging & rearranging the built-ins that flank the fireplace in the den.

It all started with a cow print I found for $15...

It is the perfect size for the built-ins, so I put it in one spot, but then realized I had too many similarly-sized things lining up down the middle of the shelves. So I shuffled... and shuffled some more... and pulled things from other rooms and re-shuffled.

I'm reasonable happy with this iteration, but the top shelves of both built-ins still need a little work.

I might stop shuffling for a minute.
Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Kitchen in the Meantime

Our kitchen has been turned upside-down...

...and it will stay that way for a few more weeks.  The countertop templaters required that the sink and faucet be in place to measure around, so we had to install these beautiful fixtures into our outgoing counters.

The apron-front sink is an undermount model (not a drop-in like our previous sink), so Grant had to fashion a bracing system to install it...

(Sidenote: I love this faucet. Maybe too much. Once the counters are installed, it will obviously not be mounted on a 2x4.)

He also had to modify the cabinets to accommodate the apron-front...

There were two false-front drawers here before.
He used the wood he had removed to trim in around the sides of the sink.  I'm amazed at the woodworking Grant did- it looks like this sink has always been here.

The rug we had here was showing quite a bit of wear, so my mom and I hunted for a kitchen-friendly rug. (I didn't want a fluffy, cut-pile rug- too difficult to get crumbs out of.)
We stumbled upon a 3'x5' boucle sisal rug for $30 at Garden Ridge.

So here is our kitchen right now:

Next, we'll remove all the cabinet doors to prep and paint the cabinet boxes.  The new countertops will be here in two weeks.  
In the meantime, we at least have a functional kitchen with running water.

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What a Mess!

This is what our kitchen looks like right now...

Between the "before" and the "after" there is a whole lot of mess.

Our faucet and sink came in, and they have to be installed before the countertop templaters come to measure on Friday. Thank goodness for a handy hubby.

Thus begins the phase of living in a make-shift kitchen.
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Old Dresser

A few weeks ago, I came across a dresser on Facebook for sale for $160. I was just scrolling along until I saw the picture, then I scrolled right back up to it.  (We have several local area-specific Facebook groups where people can post things for sale.  It's like Craigslist on Facebook, but you know you the item is really close by.  They're definitely worth looking through if you have a group for your area of town.)

Hmmm... solid wood dresser for $160. I think yes.  (Finding it took me back to our furniture-flippin' days!)

Grant picked it up for me (which, evidently, was pretty interesting), and I'm really pleased with it...

Yes, it is living on its side in the garage until I figure out how to fix it up.

I love the carving...

...and the drawer pulls...

Unfortunately, it's not in the best shape...

I thought I would use milk paint on the body and leave the drawers and top natural.  With the damage though, I may need to use something more opaque to camouflage the chips (like latex paint).   Then this beauty is going into the master bedroom to replace our cheap-o dresser.

I'll post pictures once it's all prettified.

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Kitchen Progress

The kitchen is... coming along.

We've purchased our sink, faucet, and granite. (I was determined to get soapstone, but it's not as durable as granite.  The slab we chose is dark charcoal-gray in a leathered finish, so it won't chip or require the sealing that soapstone does.  It was also half the cost.)

Grant has built a couple of the doors... I figured it was time to figure out what kind of paint and primer would be needed.  After a lot of googling, I decided to go with Benjamin Moore Advance primer and paint in white.  

Oil-based seemed like the way to go for durability, but it is very difficult to work with.  This line of paint seemed to be a nice hybrid: it is oil-based (a.k.a. "alkyd"), but it can be cleaned up with soap and water (usually only latex, which is water-based, can be cleaned up with water).  

I'm trying everything on one sample/scrap door to see how the products work (so far, it's only primed)...

We'll have to see how the paint does with regards to brush strokes (oil-based paints are often bad about leaving brush strokes in the finished surface), but I'm pleased with how level the primer's finish is.  If the paint dries with lots of brush strokes, I'll add Penetrol to the paint to make the finish more level.

With the new color scheme (gray/black counters, white cabinets, and Carrera marble backsplash), the taupe of the walls just didn't seem like it would fit... I did the only spontaneous thing I ever do: paint.  I had some leftover Benjamin Moore "Wedding Veil," so I slapped some of it up on the wall.  And I really liked it.  I've used this color before (in my office and in the living room), but I wasn't sure it would look blue enough in the kitchen because the room gets so much light.

One-and-a-half gallons later, the kitchen was painted.

I think the blue-gray undertone will work nicely with the cooler, future color palette.  It also complements the blue in the dining room (Benjamin Moore "Glass Slipper)...

I'm happy with the brighter feel the paint gives the room.

This week, the sink and faucet will be delivered, the countertops are being templated, and we'll keep working on the doors.  Busy week!

I'll post pictures as it comes together!