Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Start of Something Big

The time has come: we are commencing with a kitchen remodel.  I've spared you with the details of the current kitchen because it's less than inspirational, but for the sake of documenting the "before," I'll show you what we are working with.

The hunt for a new gas cooktop started this whole process...

It's almond and perpetually dirty-looking.  We have one being delivered on Tuesday that is in the same line as the double oven (Kenmore Elite)...

We also have a matching dishwasher coming this week to replace this one...

Yes, we have two stainless appliances, one black, and one almond.  Only an avocado refrigerator could make our kitchen more mismatched.

The cabinets are custom, solid wood, and have great storage features, but they're not my favorite; they're not horrible by any stretch of the imagination-  the style of the door is just not my first choice.  

We've already replaced the hardware, so this is an improvement from the way they looked when we moved in.

The layout of the cabinets is also decent, so we had planned on keeping them as-is.  However, as with all projects, initially modest plans are growing by the day.  Grant said, "What if I make new doors for the existing cabinet boxes?" Hmmm, intriguing.  So last night he made a sample of the shaker-style door I love out of birch and poplar...

I have always wanted a bright white kitchen, and this gives me the chance: the new doors and existing boxes both have to be refinished to match each other, so why not paint everything white? 

And just like that, we're making cabinet doors for our kitchen.

As for the counter tops, we currently have 60-square-feet of white, peeling laminate. Even better, we have weird seams in the corners...

Seriously? Who does this?

In the all-white kitchen of my dreams, there is soapstone.  Because that is somehow more expensive than granite, we are also entertaining the idea of a black granite in a leathered or honed finish.

The backsplash is going to be (surprise) white marble, but we're so far from installation that I haven't thought much about sourcing or pattern.

The floors, as you can see, are pretty bad... kind of comical, really.

It's really terrible. All those little specks are not dirt.  They are chips. And I gave up on trying to make the grout look clean the second week we lived here.   We haven't decided if we'll run hardwood floors throughout the main floor or just replace the bad kitchen tile with better tile.

Couple the multi-colored appliances with the flowery floor tile and bad laminate and you have a kitchen that is just begging for an update.

Here's to starting a kitchen remodel!
Happy Sunday!

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