Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Round Side Table

Our living room is an ongoing struggle.  At least it's not pink anymore...

I'm always rearranging the sparse furniture.  By sparse, I mean I have two cane-back chairs, the reupholstered armchair, one round side table, and a desk.

Thinking about how to arrange this room (and the money spent on furniture to do so) is overwhelming, which is why the room still looks this way...

I'm reasonably happy with the sitting area by the bay window...

 ...but the table is a little dinky to fill out this corner, so when my mom and I found a larger Duncan Phyffe-style side table at the Knitting Mill for $55, I had to jump on it.

The scale of the new table is definitely more suitable for the large armchair.

Unfortunately, every surface had scratches, but I'm unstoppable with a stain pen. (Please don't paint beautiful pieces just because there are scratches!)

I love the hardware.

I'm moving the smaller, round table to between the cane chairs, where the scale will fit better.

Baby steps towards a more finished living room.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I have two almost identical to that one. I have painted the one that is in my room, but the other is in my living room, untouched! They are easy to strip and refinish...and I would strongly suggest getting glass cut for the top! I have had mine for 25 years and the glass has saved me A LOT of grief!!! http://beckwithstreasures.com/home-tour/
    Formby's furniture refinisher will melt the old varnish off and I used their tung oil finish on them...really beautiful. I probably should be slapped for painting the one!

  2. I love it that you didn't paint your gorgeous table just because it had a few scratches! I love chalk paint and milk paint and talk about them all the time on my blog - but gorgeous rich wood pieces should be left alone... look beautiful.