Sunday, June 1, 2014

Day Trip to Sweetwater

People from east Tennessee are probably wondering why we went to Sweetwater...on purpose.  It's not exactly a typical destination for a Chattanoogan or a hotbed of activity.

No, it's a small town in a rural county off I-75.  I'm only familiar with it because it's the teeny town next to my grandmother's teeny town in the same county.  Friday night I was clicking through Craigslist, and I found several interesting pieces that were all for sale in shops in Sweetwater. Hmmm...

So Saturday morning, we loaded up the 4runner and headed 60 miles up the interstate to Sweetwater. 

I had forgotten how cute the little town square is- little shops surround a park and a pond, which we called as wee tots "the duck pond"...

Thanks for the great outfits, Mom!
  There were several antique stores (and an adorable pharmacy), and the one we started with was pretty much a junk store. But when I say "junk," I mean good "junk"- you had to wade through items to find awesome antiques; it was not a perfectly curated shop filled with items a dealer had picked.  We spent a lot of time there, sort of feeling like we were sifting through childhood memories at our grandparents' house.  We went up to the third floor...

... where we found a killer fishing basket for $20! I've eyed ones like it before, and they've always been several times that price. 

It is not in fantastic condition, but isn't that sort of the point?

I'm going to rearrange some things in the den so I can hang it by the window.

At another slightly-more-curated store, we found a large antique dough bowl for around $130. (Kind of spendy, but the first one I ever saw was $800.)  I always look at them, even though I have a small non-antique one...

I was admiring the bowl at  Cones Cupboard, and Grant said, "You've always wanted an antique one. I'm going to buy it for you." 

Thanks, dear!

I love how it looks with the table Grant built.

Definitely a successful trip.
Happy Sunday!

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