Friday, June 27, 2014

5th Anniversary: Our Story Through Our Homes

It's hard to believe Grant & I have been married 5 years today...

We were such babies!

When we were first married, we bought a 2-bedroom/2-bathroom condo in Homewood, Alabama near Samford.  It was initially furnished with hand-me-downs. (The "couch" was essentially a wooden bench with mauve cushions tied to it. Ew.)  Once we finally put our mark on it, we were so proud.

Looking back, our style has changed so much that these pictures almost look a little... pitiful.  But it's sweet to cherish the memory of establishing our first little home, learning how to depend on each other and how to love each other. 

We lived in the condo for the four years I was in pharmacy school, then we picked up and moved our entire lives to Little Rock, where we fell in love with this house...

When I see pictures of the first Amber Bottle House, I'm proud of how beautiful we made it, but it's tempered by the sadness that defined our time there: the job we'd moved there for wasn't what I thought it would be, we were eight hours from home, and we felt so... broken.  I'm hopeful that eventually I will see pictures of the house and not feel the hurt we endured while living there.

When the opportunity to move back to Chattanooga came around, we jumped on it.  Grant stayed in Little Rock to finish up the floors before selling the house, and my friend from pharmacy school and I (and the little dog, Cookie) shared an apartment in Chattanooga. Much happier times full of anticipation were found in the apartment.

Once the LR house sold, Grant and the big dog, Callie, moved into the apartment also.

A few weeks later, we found a house.

The new Amber Bottle House represented a fresh start for us...

...and it felt like home.  It feels like home.

We've been through a lot in these 5 years: job ups and downs (sometimes no job at all), pharmacy school, having nothing, having plenty, three cities in the span of 5 months...  
Some of it has been really hard. Some of it has been really amazing.  All of it has shown God's providence and faithfulness.

Happy anniversary, my dearest Grant!

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