Thursday, May 29, 2014

Window Box

I'm on a planting kick lately-

I've also planted some beds up by the street (no photos taken yet- I still need to mulch or put pine straw down).

So while standing back and admiring the work, I got to thinking about adding a little something under the window in the center...

..the one directly over the front door.

Two words: window box.
The window was about 35-inches across, so the planter itself needed to be at least 2-feet long.

Big Lots had several options, but the one I ended up with is from Lowe's.  It was only about $12.

My mom and I shopped for the plants, and as usual we followed the "thriller/filler/spiller" rule: something tall in the center to grab your attention, a mounding or trailing plant to fill out the planter, and something to spill over the perimeter of the container.

We chose angelonia for the thriller. (I forgot to get a picture of it before we hung the planter. Oops.)

For the filler and spiller, we went with two of my summer annual standbys: petunias and sweet potato vine.

All do well in the sun.


Pardon the bag of rocks and garden hose.

This type of container does not hold moisture very well after watering, but I found something on Pinterest that suggested putting a diaper in the container under the soil to help retain some water.  So far it seems like it's working pretty well!

In just a week or two, the petunia will fill out and the sweet potato vine will be spilling over the sides.

Window boxes are an easy way to add so much charm.  

This house is starting to look like someone loves it again.
Happy Thursday!

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