Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Unexciting Project

No one has updated our house since 1984 (when it was built), and I'm pretty sure no one has pulled any weeds since then either.

Did anyone ever re-mulch here?

The planter bed to the right of the house is full of weeds up to my hip, poison ivy, and privet; it's worse than any of these pictures.

Needless to say, we've started pulling weeds and spraying Round-Up on every square inch.  As unexciting a project as that is, making the yard look less overgrown will add value by improving the curb appeal.  Also, our yard looks like a hot mess compared to our neighbors' immaculate lawns.  Who wants to be that house on the block? Not us. 

So for the next few weeks we'll be spending our DIY-time on cleaning up the weeds, spreading mulch, and sprucing up the front yard. 

At least it's a relatively cheap fix.
Happy Hump-Day!

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