Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Office: Getting Close

My office got its start within the first week or two at the new house. (See here.)
It has still just seemed kind of... empty.  

While re-arranging some things downstairs, I came across some botanical prints we'd had in the dining room in the Little Rock house.  Grant suggested we hang them over the daybed in my office...

...I'm a fan.

The large blank wall by the door was begging for something, so we hung my diploma from pharmacy school...

I couldn't see hanging my diploma in a main area of the house.  Too weird- I mean, not many people who come to my house care to see the paper that proves I went to pharmacy school... other than my mom. :) An office is the perfect place for something school-related.

It has such a nice frame and matting, so I'm happy it has a home now (after a year of being wrapped up). I'm also happy it just so happens to match the decor of my office.

The same desk & chair from Little Rock...

...are on the wall opposite the daybed.  I don't have nearly as much craft storage as I did in the old house with all the built-ins, so I'm still searching for some shelves to hang above the desk.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying this view.

Happy Sunday!

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