Saturday, April 12, 2014

Basement Guest Bedroom Part One

I'm pretty sure no guest wants to hear they're staying in the basement.

We have two bedrooms and a full bath in the basement along with a den.  

It's almost completely empty, and the thought of trying to decorate down there is overwhelming: there is '80s blue carpet everywhere... even in the bathroom. Ew.

The toilet brush is a nice touch in this picture, n'est-ce pas?

I have to start somewhere, so I chose the bedroom closer to the bathroom to start chipping away at the ugliness in the basement.

We set up the bed from the guest bedroom in Little Rock...

 and dressed it with some leftover white sheets.  I found a quilt I love at Kohl's for around $50...

and I made pillows out of two coordinating fabrics I found at Joann. (I just used pillow forms they sell.)

I like the masculine look of the tartan with the feminine feel of the quilt.

Funny story about the decorative stitch accent: I didn't buy enough of the blue linen fabric, so I had to piecemeal together enough to cover the front of the pillow...

Oops. Considering it was a mistake, I think they came out okay.

We also added the dresser from Mimaw's set (the bed is in the upstairs guest room, and the desk is in the living room)...

There is still a long way to go in this bedroom, but it's a start...

I don't think a guest would mind staying here.

Happy weekend!

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