Monday, April 28, 2014

If It's Not Broken...

Well, the saying around here is actually, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," but I couldn't let myself title a post anything with that many grammatical errors.

Anyway, we've been hanging pieces on the walls in the house little-by-little, but the dining room has been behind the curve.  All that we've hung is the plate rack...

...and as you can sort of see here....

...there's not much else going on.

One of my favorite vignettes in the Little Rock was in the dining room... I thought, "Why not re-create that in the Chattanooga house?" If I loved it so much, why not just do the same thing here?

So I did.

I got the mirror for $7 or $8 at a yard sale.

The dishes are an antique store find. (I can't remember which city I found them in. Was it on a trip home to Chattanooga? Was it in Birmingham? Was it at my go-to place in Little Rock. I have no idea. Sad, right?) 

I think cracking enamel is technically not desirable, but it shows that these are old and well-loved.

I love the arrangement even more in this dining room against the blue walls.

Happy Monday! 

Even though we didn't live there long, Little Rock is close to my heart. Praying for the healing of  hearts, homes, and land in Arkansas after the recent tornadoes.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Upstairs Guest Bath Part Four

The horrible faucet is no more... in the guest bath, at least (there are two of these lovely things gracing the master bath also).

Here's the old one:

I'm fairly certain it's original to the house. Somehow, that doesn't make it any more charming.

Grant and I found this faucet at Lowe's...

...and thought it would work well with the towel rings we just installed...

Sure enough- it works nicely...

I like how it resembles a spigot.

I also like that it has fewer nooks & crannies to clean (especially compared to the two- handle options).

Overall the room is getting close- I've started moving accessories around to finish the room off.
Hopefully we can pull it together before our guests from Birmingham arrive this weekend!

See parts one, two, and  three.

Happy Hump-Day!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Upstairs Guest Bath Part Three

Grant & I have been working, working, working on the bathroom upstairs this weekend! (See part one & part two.)

After Grant changed out the light fixture...

...we set our eyes on the vanity area.  The wood cabinets are in good condition, so even though they're not favorite, they're staying.  The easiest way to gussy them up was change the hardware.

Here's what all the cabinetry in the house looked like, including the bathroom. Nice hardware, huh?

We changed out the brass & wood pulls in favor of bin pulls and handles. (See more about them here.)

I also touched the wood up with a stain pen (read more about the obsession here) and gave them a good cleaning.

It's an improvement.

Next we set our eyes on the toilet paper holder and towel racks: there was one large towel bar over the toilet and two towel rings flanking the vanity.  They were just a little modern-looking:

We're getting rid of the towel bar completely in favor of shelving or a cabinet over the toilet, and we replaced the rings with a pair from Lowe's...

It's a subtle change, but in combination with other items, they will add to the traditional feel we want...

Simple fixes so far: less than $200 up to this point including the light fixture.
Next up: the faucet...

Your days are numbered, dated fixtures.

Happy Easter!

But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
1 Corinthians 15:57

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Upstairs Guest Bath Part Two

This bathroom was a mess when we moved in. Maybe even a hot mess.

First,we painted the vanity area and the water closet. (Read about the first steps here.) The paint went a long way to making this room tolerable...

But no amount of paint can hide this horrible 1980s light fixture.

(Yes, there are two of these glass cylinders swagged from a center point.)

Hearing that we are having some Birmingham friends up for the weekend in a few weeks served as a catalyst to get this room suitable for guests.  Off to the hardware store we went!

The light fixture was hung from a single junction box in the ceiling centered over the vanity, so we had to either find a fixture that could be hung from the ceiling, or patch the ceiling and move the fixture to the wall.

I originally thought we would get two wall sconces to flank the framed mirror I haven't found yet.

Then I saw this ceiling-mount...

...antique-style milk glass and ceiling-mount?!? Yes, please. 

My sweet hubs hung it this afternoon, and I think it fits nicely.

I love that the style is reminiscent of an old schoolhouse light.

The fixture freshens up the room a bit, which makes me really want to do something about that mirror... another day.

Happy Easter!

But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his woulds we are healed. Isaiah 53:5

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to Shop Part One

I don't know how to do much, but I do know how to shop for home stuffs.  It's truly a vital life skill.

I look for different pieces different places.  (Oddly enough I learned this way of thinking through pharmacy school. Thanks, Samford, for teaching me how to categorize things and learn how to find stuff... er, I mean, information.)

I'll tell you where I shop for/have found certain items.

Yard Sales & Craigslist:


Rugs (see above)
Wood furniture (used & fully upholstered gives me the heeby jeebies)



Antique Shops: (Similar to yard sales. Use your imagination!)

Wall decor (especially pieces that weren't intended to be art)


Furniture (watch the prices, though!)


Amber bottles & old apothecary items

Unusual centerpiece items 

Home Goods/ TJ Maxx/ Marshalls:


Upholstered furniture (they mostly carry occasional chairs & small pieces)
Table linens

Shower curtains

Side tables

Bathroom items (soap dispensers, baskets, etc.)



Obviously, I find a lot of my pieces at these stores.

World Market:

Wall decor

Side chairs

Kitchen items (some of their items make me want to cook. Weird.)

I hope the list helps you narrow down how/where to shop.
Happy Wednesday!