Monday, March 3, 2014

The Ol' Switcheroo

I'm always shuffling sidetables in the living room and den. Always.  

There's one I love that stays in the mix:

a round Duncan Phyffe table.  Here it is in its former home in Little Rock...

And one I'm not so crazy about. In fact, I'm not sure I even have a picture of the $5, tiered, pressboard table.  Needless to say, I've been hunting for something to replace it.  The tricky part has been that the area the table needs to fill is actually pretty large: a 36" round table or larger.

So a-hunting I went.  (It just so happened that my CPR recertification class was conveniently a half-mile from some antique shops in East Ridge.  I may or may not have chosen that class just for this fact.)

There were plenty of beautiful tables, but some were more than I wanted to spend.  (Unfortunately, a table large enough for the area was more than your typical side table. Herrrumph.)

I narrowed it down to these:

The first option was more of a desk or bedside table, but I loved the rough feel of the wood and the spindle legs.  The drawer made for tricky placement in the room, and the price was $135. So onward I went.

Option two was a rectangular table with an amazing base.  The wood was weathered, and the carving was beautiful. The height seemed strange (maybe too tall?), but the price was better: $110.  

Back and forth I went in my mind, but the second one was just too hard to resist.

Now the side table is looking at home in our den, between the couch and the window, and the round table moved to the other side of the blue chairs.

I can just picture this table in an antebellum home's parlor. 

Tea, anyone?

The $15 preserved boxwood from Home Good's suits the table...

I'm pleased with this iteration of side table arranging.

Happy Monday!