Sunday, March 30, 2014

Quilt Rack

Ever since we got some of Nana's quilts from my mom, we've been scheming a way to display them.  It was actually my mom's idea to use a ladder, but vintage ladders can be pretty pricey at antique stores, so Grant built one.

He bought two 6-ft 1x4" pine boards and a 1" dowel.  I stained all the pieces with Minwax Stain in "Classic Gray."  

I love the weathered look this stain gave the wood.  Initially, I was going to whitewash the pieces, but I wanted something different.  This stain was actually more forgiving to work with than whitewash anyway.

Grant drilled out 1" holes (but only about 1/2" into the boards) every 12" down the length of both 1x4's to accommodate the dowels. He cut the dowel into 18" pieces and slipped them into the holes he had created.

He also angled the bottom of each board so it could stand steadily against a wall.

(Don't you just love that carpet? Yeah, me neither.)

And ta-da!

This project was so simple. I'm actually thinking of making another one to hold towels in the guest bathroom. (Thanks in advance, Grant!)
Happy Sunday!


  1. Oh my goodness! Brilliant! I'm going to beg my husband to make one for me! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Looks Great! I've been begging my hubby to build me one to display blankets in the living room. Yours is so cute!