Saturday, March 29, 2014

Plate Rack

I'm sure it would surprise you to hear that I want to decorate the walls in the dining room with dishes, right?

I had thought we would build our own plate rack, but the scalloped sides are not going so well. And by "not going so well" I mean badly. With only a jig saw, it was nigh impossible to get smooth scallops along the sides of the plate rack.

While at Greenbrier Antiques with Rebecca, I stopped to eye a red plate rack... the third time I've looked at this particular plate rack.  It was marked at $55, which was more than I really wanted to spend, but it seemed better than slaving for hours over our homemade rack.

Then the clouds parted.  The plate rack was only $40 when rung up. Victory!

The red was not what I had in mind, so I took our power sander to it. 

Simple enough: just wear a mask and clothes that can get dirty.

 Once the red was mostly sanded off, I wiped it clean and got ready to paint. I would normally use leftover house paint, but dowels are ridiculously difficult to paint with a paint brush, so I bought two cans of Rustoleum spray paint in satin white.

Two coats later...

Grant hung it in the dining room for me where it looks right at home, and I filled it with some ironstone pieces.

 An added bonus: while digging in boxes for the ironstone, I found our silver creamer and sugar bowl from Grant's great-aunt...


Happy Saturday!

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