Monday, March 24, 2014

Painting Lately Part 2

As I mentioned in Part 1, there are several large, blank walls on the first floor of our house.  For one in the living room, I painted a rustic rendering of the Tennessee state flag...

I knew I wanted to have a vintage-style pharmacy sign somewhere, and the huge blank wall opposite the windows in the den seemed like the perfect place.

I bought a 24"x 48" canvas from Hobby Lobby (if I had it to do over again, I would probably use a large piece of wood) and gathered my paintbrushes.

First I used leftover wall paint (Benjamin Moore "White Dove") from the den to cover the entire canvas.  Then I taped off the perimeter so that I could paint a border of navy blue craft paint around the entire canvas.

I used the roll of Frog Tape as a template for the semi-circles at the corners.  It took several coats to get the blue uniform and opaque.

I used a stencil to write out the word "prescription."  

To center words, I just count how many letters are in the word or phrase, find the letter in the center, and put that in the center. For example, after measuring for the center point on the canvas,  I counted 12 letters in the "prescription," so letters 6 and 7 (R & I) were positioned equidistant around the center point.  Easy enough! Using this little trick will make your lettering look more professional.

As you can see, the blue was streaky at first.  It took three coats total to get the navy to have a uniform look.

Once "prescription" was stenciled and painted in, I started a-googling for fonts that would belong on an old pharmacy sign.  I came across this sign.  I modeled some of my lettering after the word "colonial" on the sign and sketched them onto the canvas.

At first my fake pharmacy was going to be called "Scenic City Apothecary," but that was too many words, so "City Apothecary" it became.

After several coats...


All you need for this type of project is paint and some patience (although a projector would have been most helpful to do the non-stenciled lettering).

Now to get this guy up on the wall!
Happy Monday!

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