Saturday, March 15, 2014

Living Room Part One

The living room is just to the right of the foyer as you walk into our house..

Thankfully, it's no longer pink, but it's still just a repository of crazy miscellany that needs a home.

So after working, re-working, and repeating the process, there's an iteration of layout i'm pleased with for a moment.

The room is relatively long and narrow with a bay window at one end.  The bay window seemed like the most logical place to start:

To complete the conversation area, I moved my upholstered linen armchair perpendicular to the cane-back chairs.  Originally, I had a two-tiered side table between them, but the round table from the den was a better fit.

I stacked up some old notebooks and topped them with a $4 pot from Home Goods to style the tabletop.

I took the cast-off table from the living room and put it next to the blue chairs in the den (even though I had just rearranged the tables in the den)...

BTW, this table was $5 at a yard sale.

Anyway, back to the living room.

I moved Mimaw's desk to the other side of the room (on the wall opposite the armchair), and eventually the Tennessee flag will hang horizontally above it.

That's all that is in there now, but at least it doesn't look like the land of the misfit toys anymore.

Well, now it's just the land of things-I-eventually-want-in-this-room.

The last thing I want is for this room to feel completely purpose-less. I think having a quiet sitting area (with the french doors closed, it's peaceful in the room) for reading, a desk for writing a quick thank-you note, and a piano (someday) will keep this room from being a stuffy, useless, formal living room.

I'll post more as pieces get hung and the room starts coming together.

Little-by-little, bit-by-bit! 

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