Friday, March 7, 2014

Jumpin' On A Bandwagon

I like to think that my taste is simple and classic and that I don't typically follow trends (I do not have any chevrons or any "live/laugh/love" signs anywhere), but... I caved!

The southern girl in me will always swoon for a monogram: scarves, pillows, towels, bags... pretty much anything. So stereotypical, I know, but at least I'm owning it.

So when I stumbled upon a clearance "N" (a curly one that looks like that one everyone under age 35 has on their front door) at Hobby Lobby, I fell victim to peer pressure:

But it's so sweet!

However, our front door is dark brown, so a black "N" would never show.  Fear not- I am armed with an arsenal of leftover house paint.

I rolled on two coats of leftover Benjamin Moore "White Dove" (from the den) and used a small paint brush to get in the little nooks & crannies.

Et voila!

It just goes to show that even if something is brand-spankin' new, you can still paint or alter it to fit you.

Having a wreath on the front door is a stamp on the house showing someone loves it again.

Lots of projects in-store this weekend on our homestead!
Happy Friday!

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