Wednesday, March 5, 2014

An Unexpected Pair

I think it's obvious I have a penchant for white dishes, both old & new...

And I will accessorize with them almost anywhere.

So it probably wouldn't surprise anyone that I picked up this ironstone platter...

(If you see this imprint, the dish is definitely a keeper.)

The sweet, barely-there pattern and scalloped edge are so charming.

At $18, it was priced at more than I usually spend on a single new dish, but antique ironstone is usually more expensive than pieces at Home Goods.  Shocking, I know.

When I brought it home, I thought the pattern looked familiar, but I couldn't place it... until I saw Grant lathering his shaving brush in a sweet, little white dish...

I picked out this bowl out at the Knitting Mill when I was 17

Same imprint on both pieces.

I guess I'm consistent.

Happy hunting!

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