Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Little Light

In the den, we have a lighting problem. More accurately, we have a lack-of-light problem: there are two pot-lights directly in front go the fireplace and one overhead ceiling fan/ light combination. (It should be noted that the fan is not centered. On anything.)

I mean, who ever thought this was a good idea?!?

Nonetheless, our den could use more light, even with the bank of three windows plus the french door.

We do have a floor lamp (seen here in our Little Rock living room)...

...and a table lamp.

The floor lamp has survived the moves pretty well, but the table lamp... not so much. The harp supporting the shade broke, so the shade has just been flopping around on the lamp.  Not cute.  (I tried to tape it in place, but no dice.)

I've been looking for a replacement, but my budget for lamps is typically yard-sale-price (i.e. $10 or less), and most lamps are usually at least three or four times my budget, even at Garden Ridge and Home Goods.

While at Lowe's hunting for lumber, I meandered through the lighting and found this lamp on close-out. Woohoo!

It was around $23, so more than usual for me, but it shares similarities with my floor lamp: the arch, the metal finish, the color of the shade. 

I love how it looks with the antique table and the blue chairs...

...and I love the little switch!

We plan on removing the fan and adding pot-lights to further address the issue of darkness, but a lamp without a taped-on shade is a start.

Happy Tuesday!

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