Sunday, February 23, 2014

Something Every Southern Girl Needs

Of course the list would include a wrap-around porch, a hydrangea bush or two, a pie safe, a good dog, etc, etc.

And maybe a couple of these things...

So what are they, you ask?

When you hear this word, you inevitable think of the south. Or maybe your grandmother. Maybe both.


Yup, these are antique biscuit-cutters.

Once the biscuit dough was rolled out flat, you would use one of these to cut out perfectly round biscuits.

Just talking about it makes me hungry.

I was attracted to them initially because of the nice carving, and I thought they were salvaged finials.  Then I read the little sales tags: antique biscuit cutters. Sold!

Right now they are pretty-ing up the mudroom shelf...

And to say I'm obsessed with them might be an understatement.  
Just goes to show that anything can be a treasure.

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