Sunday, February 16, 2014

Saying Goodbye to the Green

Until yesterday, our den was this lovely shade of '90s sage green...

(The horrible brass ceiling fan deserves an entire post all to itself.)

This is the last room on my list of must-paint rooms, so that was my motivation to just finish it.  (It also helped that my friend Rebecca was hanging out and nice enough to help tape; once a room is taped, you're committed to painting, right?)

The den is adjacent to the kitchen (which is a color similar to Benjamin Moore "Revere Pewter")...

...and  the living room (which is Benjamin Moore "Wedding Veil").  

It is also just around the corner from the dining room (which is now Benjamin Moore "Glass Slipper").  

The color had to be fairly neutral to coordinate with the others already in the downstairs.

I thought Benjamin Moore "Cloud Cover" would be a good option: we had it in the den in Little Rock and really liked it. I ended up choosing a very similar shade- just a different hue.  Benjamin Moore "White Dove" was the winner.  The color went on and covered the green very well.  In a room with a less-than-ideal amount of lighting, a lighter color was definitely in order.

The color plays nicely off the wood of the built-ins and accessory.

It's almost bright white, but not quite- just right. (Man, I am awesome at rhyming.)

The "White Dove" is certainly an improvement over the green.

On to other projects that don't involve getting more calluses on my hands!

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