Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dining Room Part Two

While part one of this story was pretty easy (just taking out my frustrations on wallpaper with a scraper)

 part two has taken much longer... and my hands hurt a lot more.

After every shred of removable wallpaper came down (because some of the stubborn pieces are still stuck there), there was a lot of damage to the drywall.

I made the mistake of applying spackle to all the damage rather than just skim coat with joint compound.  

Poor decision.  Spackle is much thicker, so when applying it it large amounts (i.e., all over the wall), it is more difficult.  And your hands and shoulders will hurt.  I should have skim-coated the entire room because there was damage about every quarter-inch. Oh well. Lesson learned.

After the spackle dried, we sanded with a course (100 grit) then fine (220 grit) sandpaper.  This step produced a ton of dust. Keep a vacuum close by, and wear one of these!

After the entire surface was sanded smooth, it was time to prime.  I figured we would need a thick, stain-blocking primer, and I've always been a fan of Kilz 2 latex primer, so I sprung for the Kilz Premium latex primer at Ace for about $23/gallon.  The $5 extra/gallon appears to be worth it for a post-wallpaper paint job.

So after many after-work hours and a whole day of my mom helping with prep and priming, the dining room looks like this...

So much brighter than the red damask wallpaper!

Tomorrow's agenda includes painting the wall above the chair rail Benjamin Moore "Glass Slipper" (not-so-much because I want a blue dining room, but because I have two gallons laying around) and the wall below with a standard, off-the-shelf white.

The chandelier...

...already has a replacement waiting in the garage.

The dining room is so close to coming together.  Now, time for a nap.

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