Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dining Room Part Three

All of a sudden, we decided we couldn't walk by the room looking completely torn apart and not feel some amount of subconscious stress.  So this weekend, our number one enemy was this:

After peeling (and peeling, and peeling, and peeling some more), and prepping the walls, it was time to start putting the chaos back into order.

The room was already taped off from priming yesterday, so we were ready to paint!

Like always, my Ace Hardware people were kind enough to mix a Benjamin Moore color into their Clark + Kensington paint: "Glass Slipper"  in eggshell for the walls above the chair rail, which goes nicely with the curtain fabric...  

... and the off-the-shelf "Designer White" for below the chair rail.
Then, to painting!

Yes, I think the color is a vast improvement over the red, floral wallpaper.

Then, Grant used his skills to hang a new chandelier to replace the brass one...

Note that I was so fixated on changing the fixture out, I never bothered to put in new lightbulbs when the old ones burned out.

It looks a little different, to say the least.

Now to get the farmhouse table finished and set in here!

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