Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cream & Sugar

Aside from my obsession with buffets/sideboards...

... I have a thing for cream & sugar holders. (Creamers & sugars? Creams & sugarers? I don't know.)

They're just so cute! I can't resist.  They're also typically pretty inexpensive.

This sweet, little pair is from Home Goods. About $10 for the set.

This one is an actual antique...

Such perfect details!

$7.50 from the Knitting Mill.

This is another set from HG...

... not old, but only $8-10 for the pair. Definitely worth it.

This pair from my ironstone dining set started the obsession...

... and is sadly still in a box waiting for the dining room to be set up.

This is probably a little large to be a creamer, but cute nonetheless...

Seriously? Look at that sweet little carved flower.

I love the details on these tiny pieces.  The creamers can serve as vases or pencil-organizers in an office.  The sugar bowls could be nice for small crafting things like buttons or beads... or simply for looking cute on a shelf.

Maybe I'm just trying to rationalize an obsession.

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