Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Building a Farmhouse Table Part Two

Now that the farmhouse table is constructed, it's time to add some pretty touches.

After work, I met Grant at the hardware store to pick out fun stuff: stain!  (It's almost as fun as choosing paint colors.)

We chose a dark stain for the tabletop pretty easily- Minwax stain  in "Honey."  We didn't use the gel stain because we didn't have to worry about drips on a horizontal surface.  Just the plain-o, jane-o stain.

We sprung for the Minwax Pre-stain because we had read it helps the stain be absorbed better.

Using some rags, Grant applied the pre-stain and let it dry following the directions on the can.  Then we applied the stain by applying with a rag in the direction of the grain.

After one coat of stain...

... our table looks like this!  Such a difference.  (Side note: I think the pre stain was worth it.)

We're planning on another coat or two before we apply the Minwax polyurethane.

For the base, I'm pondering my options.  I wanted to use white milk paint.  However, because the legs are salvaged oak and the apron is pine, I need to use something relatively opaque.  (Anything too translucent- like white milk paint- would not look uniform on the two different types of wood.)  I had thought I would be limited to regular paint until I ran across Minwax Whitewash.

I'm hoping that because it's a stain, it will create a more uniform look between the two types of wood on the table base.

We'll see!

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