Monday, February 24, 2014

A Little Spot for a Little Something

I think it was popular in the 1980's to have as many rooms and hallways as possible, even if that made the spaces seem small.  It's a working hypothesis supported by some evidence in the current Amber Bottle House.

These rooms and hallways seem logical when standing on one side of the wall, then odd when you round the corner.  For instance, there is a strange, empty wall in the kitchen adjacent to the dining room entryway.  The other side of the empty wall is- you guessed it- a hallway.

Regardless of its purpose,  it looks a little sad: roughly 2.5-feet across of nothing-ness that one could easily just walk by without noticing.

I have been eyeing this basket lid for a couple weeks...

At $12, I'm not sure why I hesitated, but I did.  The second time I saw it at the antique store, I knew it belonged on the awkward wall.

It fills the space nicely, and it's not a typical art piece...

(See what I mean about it being a sort of awkward wall? Easy to forget it's there on the way to the dining room.)

Little spots like this are perfect opportunities to display something with character.

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