Saturday, January 18, 2014

Upstairs Guest Bath: The Start

The upstairs guest bath room had some issues:

1) the color (neon robin's egg blue)

2) that light fixture.

There are some other things I'd like to change eventually (the countertop, faucet, mirror), but... baby steps, Catherine.

I figured I'd start with some cheap fixes: changing the wall color and the hardware on the cabinets, and adding some decor.

I think because the color was so bright and so bold, I wanted to go the exact opposite. (I would normally feel freer to choose a more saturated color in a small bathroom.) We chose Benjamin Moore "Swiss Coffee," which is a pale khaki.  It also picks up on the undertones in the browns of the shower curtain we already had from the apartment...

Fortunately we had some towels that coordinated, and ta-da!

I still have to change out the cabinet hardware, but the color itself is such a vast improvement! Total cost so far: less than $30.

Now, what to do with that light fixture?

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