Thursday, January 23, 2014

In Place of a Mudrooom

The door we use most often is the door from the garage into the kitchen, which means we- and all of our stuff- land in the breakfast nook when we get home.  Keys got lost a lot, bags were on the floor, and jackets were never where I need them.

A night at Home Goods, World Market, and Hobby Lobby later, I had the beginnings of a makeshift mudroom.

I found a rustic shelf with hooks at Home Goods on sale for $40. Yes, please!


To dress it up a wee bit, I found these cute, little things at World Market...

A blackboard also seemed practical for leaving a message here and there.

I also found these hooks at Hobby Lobby thinking they might be a nice fit here. (Grant already wants to move my awesome shelf!)

I love how each one is a little different.

For now, the shelf is doing the trick, but a Craigslist buffet or sofa table placed by the door with the Hobby Lobby hooks over it might be nice.

Clearly, important decisions to be made on our homestead.

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