Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Half-Bath Vanity

This is the half-bath in the new (to us) house...

I don't know who saw a gray-beige toilet and said, "That's perfect!" then said, "It has a matching vanity?!? EVEN BETTER!"  I have some questions about their sanity... or at least their color vision.

Needless to say, revamping this half-bath is near the top of the priority list.  Fortunately, the tile is a neutral white 6"x 6" tile, and the paint isn't horrible.  Really, just getting rid of the two gray-beige elephants in the room would make a huge difference.

I wanted to replicate a vanity like this...

... or this.

I love the rustic-yet-classic.  It gets me every time!

I scoured Craigslist, but could only find antique porcelain pedestal sinks, and I really wanted to retro-fit a piece of furniture.  On Saturday, Grant and I perused some antique shops in East Ridge.  We found some really pretty options... this sold wood library table.  It was a little too deep for our half-bath.

I'm a sucker for antique washstands, so  I was pulling for this one.

This little fellow was a $50 sewing table made of really pretty wood.

It just seemed like such a shame to find a nice antique only to mangle it with a saw.  So while at Garden Ridge, I stumbled upon this lovely, cottage-style piece for $99...

I love the white base (with shelves!) with the dark wood top.  Plus, the drawer-fronts can hide the plumbing of a sink.  Unfortunately, it was only 14" deep, which isn't deep enough for most vessel sinks. Tear.

Then I found this!

Lovely and weathered (and $129). Again the drawers will hide the plumbing, and this table is 16" deep, which should accommodate a sink nicely.  It's also 29" tall, which is a nice height. This table already has a farmhouse-y look to it, but to add a little class I'll change the drawer pulls to something like this.

I'm on the hunt for a good deal on a porcelain white vessel sink and a tall faucet.

We'll switch the toilet out for a plain, white one, and in a half-day's work or so, we'll have a completely looking half-bathroom.  

I'll post the play-by-play how-to once the vanity is finished.

Happy hunting!


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