Friday, January 10, 2014

Getting a Handle on Things

There were a few things that just needed to be addressed immediately in the house.  
For example, after about 24 hours, I couldn't handle the faux-wood-and-brass cabinet hardware:

In combination with the '80s tile and poorly-installed white laminate countertops, it was just too much.  

I've always loved those antique-looking cupped drawer pulls, so we were hunting some that were 1) 3" wide so that they would work with the existing drill holes in the cabinets (this is crucial in order save you from major headaches); and 2) in a line of hardware with some pulls that would work for the doors also.  Oh yeah, we also needed around 50 to finish the kitchen, laundry room, and den built-ins.

Most of the options were kind of expensive.  We found bulk packages of the door hardware, which saved about $0.50 per piece.  Luckily the same company makes cuppy drawer pulls! It was like a sign from above: these were the ones.  (Having both pieces made by the same manufacturer ensures the satin nickel on each matches.)

It would also be nice to change out the hinges in favor of matching brushed nickel, but one thing at a time...

These cabinets were top-of-the-line when they were installed 30 years ago, and there's no sense in replacing perfectly functional, solid wood, custom cabinets (with all the cool lazy-Susans and pull-out shelves), especially since I don't hate the wood tone.

For less than $80, our 1980s cabinets have a little facelift after just some time with a screwdriver. 

Happy tweaking-what-you-already-have!


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