Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dining Room Part One

Why anyone would want to hang wallpaper, I'll never know. Especially when it looks like this...

Yes, that is cranberry-red, floral wallpaper. Ew.  I'm not sure I can handle that chandelier in its current state either. 

Anyway, first things first- wallpaper must go.  Evidently, other people think so, too: there are more tools at the store for removing wallpaper than for hanging it.  I had heard to buy a scorer and some remover, so I got both and also some wall scrapers.

My mom and I started a-peelin' away... well, sort of. We scored the wallpaper pretty heavily, then sprayed with this remover.  We found we could make the remover go further if we used a sponge soaked with warm water to spread it around. Once the paper appeared saturated (a few minutes- not the 15 minutes the bottle advises because the remover dries, and you're back to square one), we started scraping.  My mom used a putty knife, and I used a razor scraper.  

I think the razor scraper took the paper off better, but the putty knife did less damage to the drywall.  

After two walls, we decided that the scoring was doing more harm than good.

Those are wee, tiny holes caused by the scorer.

This is our progress after two people worked for about 4 hours...


Grant came in for a few minutes to peel by the window, and he was lucky enough to pull huge pieces off...

 However, this is how my hours of work look...

I will never put wallpaper up because I never, ever, ever want to peel it again.  Maybe if I worked for the next week nonstop I could have it all gone.

Back to peelin'!


  1. Do you have a wallpaper steamer? That was always our favorite way to take it off. The moisture loosens the glue and doesn't require the scoring and does less damage to the wall.

    1. I don't have one. I was contemplating finding a used one, but I wasn't sure how well they worked. It sounds like it's worth a try!