Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Creature of Habit

All of a sudden, I couldn't handle the pink room on the main floor.  I know, first world problem for sure, but it needed to go. This weekend.

Why, oh why, would anyone paint the formal living room (right by the front door) petal pink?

I went to Ace Hardware with the intention of buying Benjamin Moore "Glass Slipper," but it has a greenish tint. (It's a very pretty color! I just wanted a pure white or pale blue.)  I bought a sample (a rare occurrence!) of Benjamin Moore "First Snowfall" and slapped swatches on parts of the room with different amounts of light.  It was definitely pale in the can, but in a room with shutters and very little overhead lighting, it appeared more saturated and blue-purple.  Not what I had in mind.

I love the white-blue we used in my office...

I love how it looks against white trim and dark wood pieces...

I'm going to arrange some of these pieces to fill this room...

These guys will fit nicely into the bay window.

I felt like I was cheating a little bit by choosing a color I had used previously, but then I thought, "This is our house... I'm going to use what makes me happy, even if that means I didn't branch out." 

I can't seem to get away from light wall colors: I want the walls to feel like a backdrop to the room.  So maybe a whitish-blue is expected, but I like it. Grant likes it.  If you gravitate towards jewel tones predictably, use them; if you love mid-century furniture, cram as much as you want into your home.  

Happy making-your-home-with-what-you-love!

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