Friday, December 27, 2013

What To Do with a Tudor?

Our new house is a Tudor-style, 1980's build that probably hasn't seen fresh paint since... ever.  Tudors were originally built with timber and stucco-like material, but now it's typically just dark brown trim built on top of stucco.  Because our Tudor was built in the '80's, the dark brown is pretty dated now.

This picture is graciously nice to the brown trim... It's very dark.  I especially want the front door to be lightened up.

I've started perusing Pinterest for Tudor-revival paint schemes...

These homeowners chose a light taupe.  This is Grant's favorite so far.

Kind of greener. I dig it.

So classic.

I'm partial to this dark blue-green.  Maybe I'm alone in that... because Grant doesn't care for it.

This one is the most traditional, but the dark brown is a more modern shade than the one on our house.

Ermagersh. So many choices.  Thoughts? Has anyone else out there  painted a Tudor?

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