Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Things Are A-Changin'

We don't seem to want to stay still, that's for sure.

Since moving to Chattanooga, we've been living in a two-bedroom apartment.  Just this weekend, my friend, Paige, from pharmacy school moved in because she also got a new job here.  

 I must say, having a roomie to get manicures & craft with is still fun in your mid-twenties.

While Paige was moving in, Grant and I were in final negotiations with buyers for our house in Little Rock.

We signed a contract Saturday and are closing later this month. Wahoo!
After celebrating, we realized we might need to consider making an offer on somewhere to live in Chattanooga. 

We've been perusing the listings regularly and even going to look at some in person, but none has stood out as much as this one...

... three-car garage, flat lot, dated everything, built in the mid-80s, in a nice, quiet neighborhood.

We re-visited on Sunday with our parents to make sure nothing was in too much disrepair, and made an offer. They countered, so we countered, then they countered, and we countered back... after much of that, we found out we struck a deal yesterday.  We'll move in at the beginning of January.

While house-hunting in Little Rock, we learned that picturing yourself in the house makes you too emotionally attached to the house, and it can be hard to let it go... you will probably overpay.  I didn't let myself get too excited about the prospect of living in this house until we were in the last stages of negotiating.  Then, I got really excited.  

This house represents a fresh start in our home city near our families.  I feel so blessed I could cry.  The chapter in Little Rock is closed, and the future in Chattanooga seems so... happy.


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