Monday, December 2, 2013

Some Progress

I'm still on a mission to decorate the temporary apartment with on-hand items, or at least as cheaply as possible.  Little by little, it's coming together!

There is now a place to eat! Aunt Flossie's (I don't know whose aunt...) late 1800's drop-leaf table is the perfect size for the dining area.  I topped it with my wooden dough bowl. (A $15 find! I've been pining over these kinds of bowls forever, and they're normally several hundred dollars.)

Chairs are yet to come. I think my mom has 4 mismatched chairs I can use while living in the apartment, and I think they will add to the vignette nicely.

The "Eat" sign finally has a home! There wasn't a place to accommodate its height at the house in Little Rock, but it fits perfectly in the galley kitchen.

This was $5 at a yard sale in Little Rock. 

Yes, those are thumb tacks holding it in place.

Two of my favorite pieces from Upscaled Pallets never made it on the walls at the Little Rock house, but the pair works nicely flanking the living room window.

There is not definition between the living room and dining area, so I put a desk from Mimaw's house along the wall to separate the two.

Seriously, do they even make furniture like this anymore?

The rest of Mimaw's set makes up the bedroom.

Of course, I had to accessorize the desk...

So far, by using estate items and pieces from the Little Rock house, the grand total is $10 spent on decor post-move.  The challenge continues...

Happy decorating!


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