Monday, December 16, 2013

Crafty Christmas

I have been trying to think of a way to use webbing...

... It's sort of like burlap, but it doesn't ravel nearly as much as burlap when cut.  Webbing is typically used for re-finishing upholstered furniture- it's the support for the seat cushions.  I think it was around $0.79/foot at Joann's.

I was thinking something Chrisitmas-y... and edible.

I got two 12-packs of 8-oz Ball jars for around $16 at the grocery store and the white yarn for around $3 at Hobby Lobby.  The width of the webbing was about the height of the jars, so I cut the webbing in half lengthwise.  Then, like every good crafter, I grabbed my hot glue gun and applied a short, wavy line directly on the glass.

I lined one edge of the webbing along the rim of the glass and pressed it into the hot glue.

I continued applying glue to the webbing and pressing onto the jar until the glass was completely wrapped.

When the jar was wrapped, I applied a line of glue along the raw edge and glued it down so that there was about 1/4-inch of overlap.  Then I just tied a little bit of yarn around the jar.


I filled the jars with Ghirardelli hot chocolate mix and a handful of marshmallows.  
Yuletide yumminess.

Happy crafting!

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