Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Professional Paraphernalia

Maybe I'm biased, but I think pharmacists are more likely to collect antiques from our profession than just about anyone else: relics were all over the pharmacy school (some of the professors were 2nd generation pharmacists, so they had great knick-knacks from their parents); my boss has two curios full of antique pharmacy wares; vintage mortars and pestles adorn the shelves of many a-pharmacy I've rotated through, and I've started my own little collection...

I like to group the amber bottles  together so they have more impact.

One of my favorite finds is a black-and-white photograph from the early 1900's of a downtown Chattanooga street corner...

I love all the old signs!  This is one of the few decorative things I brought from the staged-to-sell Little Rock house to the Chattanooga apartment because I love it so much.

Other pharmacy-related decor items I'm on the lookout for:
- apothecary jars with their original labels (it's amazing what medications were commonly used in the early 1900's.)
- balance scale
- apothecary cabinet (I love all the cute little drawers)
- medication and remedy advertisements

If you have a little room on a shelf, maybe try some pretty little pharmacy things... 

If pharmacy relics aren't for you (gasp!), maybe try some antiques related with your career or hobbies: law books, vintage cameras, weird dental tools, vintage sheet music, antique anatomy/physiology prints from old textbooks, lab flasks or beakers, eyeglasses, wood-working items, vintage sewing machine, old light bulbs, microphones... I'm most intrigued by things you wouldn't imagine using nowadays. You could pretty much make anything work, as long as it's displayed neatly or in a grouping of like items. 

Happy hunting!


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