Monday, November 4, 2013

New Everything

Trying to get settled in to the apartment we're renting...  I've unpacked most things for the kitchen and living room, but the vast majority of our clothing is still sealed up in space bags. 
The walls are pretty, um, bare.  (Note that I tried to hang somethings on the walls with 3M strips, and nothing would stick!  The walls are too textured for the strips. How am I supposed to make the place home-y without pretty things on the walls?)  
Everything is also shiny new: granite countertops, dark wood cabinets, modern light fixtures.  Hardly anything is my taste, but I'm too distracted by its newness to care.
 It is strange to be in a place where nothing needs to be fixed up. I'm not allowed to fix anything up even if I wanted to.
Most of our furniture and decorative items are still in the house in Little Rock to keep it staged for selling purposes, so I'm considering it a challenge to see how little I can spend to get the apartment looking decent. We're borrowing a couch from Grant's brother, dishes from Grant's parents, dropleaf table and chairs from my mom, and a beautiful antique bedroom suite from Mimaw's estate.   Any unused bedding and towels made the trip to fill the apartment.  I also packed some decorative items laying around the triage room in the Little Rock house. (I'm counting those things as free in my challenge for cheapness.)
 I'll post pictures as we go along in our quest for hominess in the super-modern, beige apartment.
Happy home-making!
With the theme of everything being new, I started my new job today! Watch out, Chattanooga, there's a new pharmacist in town!

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